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Ping Pong by BambooStickk

Okay so i've been trying to figure out whats wrong with this song I created a couple months back.. Something is just missing. I know its pretty amateur but I'm looking for some honest feedback. What can I do to improve?

P.S. Sounds 100X better with headphones


Raw said...

Sounds good to me, kinda similar to some stuff I made a while back. If I had to criticize, maybe you could add some extra layers in between the transitions to help the flow. Overall though you did a great job!

bojanglesk8 said...

Nice blog, following.

r00b said...

Needs more guitar! Anyway, check my blog.

Ian Begley said...

I would recommened that you introduce the club beat sooner.

Joe said...

news to lead something bigger it starts out nice it news to deliver a louder catchier beat

Anonymous said...

It starts off nice, but it never really takes off. I feel like there should be a quicker introduction to something more fierce.

jonwinters said...

well, varying volume levels for specific tracks would give the song more depth. it's okay for garageband.

Jack said...

Club beat bro :P

FOllowing for intrest

Steve Freeling said...

for garageband this isnt bad at all lol. i couldnt make a song half as good as this

Transbibilfobil said...

I would recommend speeding it up and getting rid of the clapping between beats in the beginning, then when it gets to the calm part, add a bit of ambience. Also for maximum effect, i recommend using a heavier bass sound. Someone above said to use guitar, which could be a cool way to break a repeated cycle. As for buildup I recommend speeding up a beat in the background, getting louder and louder, fading in a more intense version of the original beat at the same time that the beat is getting louder, and then at the very climax of the beat, increase the speed of the background beat and then drop every sound out except the modified original beat.
srry if this is kinda complicated but try listening to this for an example
skip to 4:26 for an example of how every techno song should end.

notice the HEAVY bass sound and the strange rhthm 6:43 for a change in ambience

Remember this is just constructive criticism, I really like what you did with it, I especially liked the chord progression in the beginning. If I were you I would search the internet for Blutonium Boy hardstyle samples.

Goodluck :)

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